Linda Jennings


Real estate has been my passion for as long as I can remember. Through years of education and marketing training, I’ve been able to build a customized portfolio of services for each client. Ensuring that you get the best of my skills, but in a way that fits your personal real estate needs. I can sit here and tell you I have strong negotiation skills, local market knowledge, and so forth – and of course I do – but one thing I want to share with you, the thing that is the most important tool I can provide you in your home sale or purchase is my passion.


I didn’t get into the industry to make money. I got into the industry because I fell in love with it. I fell in love with the homes, the character each one has, and the people I get to help transition from one to another. I fell in love with hearing people’s stories, getting to know their needs for their future, and focusing on ensuring they find a home that actually meets those future goals.


Real estate can be a stressful thing. Moving out of a home you’ve known for years can be hard. It can be harder if you don’t have someone to partner with who takes the time to understand that. My business goes beyond the professionalism I can bring to the table, or my years of knowledge about our local market and communities, and the past number of sales I’ve made. Instead, I focus on you. How much can you afford, what motivates you to move, and what you need to make this big transition in your life.


You need a real estate agent who understands you, and seeks to know the answer to those questions and all of the other important questions that make buying and selling a reality for you. You don’t need a computer to find your dream house. You need a professional partner who has your best interest at heart from the moment you call to after we close.


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