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On March 24, 2014 a handsome young man of 94 years took my hand after a closing in which he sold his home that he built for his now-late wife. He told me, “You. I have met a Realtor then met another Realtor, then another. But you. You are a good one. You are a very, very, good one. Wonderful is what you are.”


And he wasn’t my client.


People tell me all the time, “I don’t know how you do what you do.” This is how: by leaving a small stamp of love on people’s souls. Having every opportunity to do so leaves me feeling grateful, even on the tougher days. I come from the small town of North Hampton, New Hampshire, from two loving parents that are still together to this day, and I was raised to believe that compassion for others is the single, most important thing you can give in life. When I entered real estate after a short (but dangerous) 11-month stint in social work, I did so with the energy I give everything: 212%. Why 212, you ask? 212 degrees is where water boils. At 211 degrees it’s still very hot, but not boiling. One degree is all it takes. I set out to give that one extra degree – that one extra percent -i n everything I do. Every. Single. Day.


I had a wonderful career in real estate in the Manchester area from 1998 until approximately 2007. I took some time off to stay home with my 5-year-old twin girls until I got divorced and moved back to the Seacoast. I was fortunate to meet the man of my dreams in 2012, and we married in 2014; which added another teenage girl to my life – the same age as my twins! We have three girls in high school, all of whom make me laugh most days and want to pull out my hair on occasion; but hey, that’s life with teenagers! My husband and I are blessed with three amazing ones.


I missed real estate very much, and started up again in 2010. I met my then-partner Nancy Beveridge of the Seacoast Sold Team in 2012, at the same time I met my husband. Life seems to put people in your path when you need them. Nancy and I had much success with the Team until I decided my path in life was leading me to open up my own company . . . so I took a leap of faith.


Studio H Real Estate was born in February 2017, and much to my surprise, the response was overwhelming! I knew, quite simply, that it was the correct next step for me and for my family, but I had no idea the outpouring of support and pride that would come from so many of my colleagues, friends, and family. I am very proud to be the owner of this amazing boutique real estate firm, as we lead the way into a new era of doing real estate “the right way,” as I like to say. This means putting the basics first: compassion for people; knowledge that is ever-growing; and add to that a love of research, technology, and marketing. I have a team of coaches – both real estate and business – that keep me on my toes and on the cutting edge of technology, marketing, leadership, and self-improvement. I have been fortunate to learn from and meet the greatest folks, including George Ross, Nido Qubein, Randi Zuckerberg, John Travolta, Frederick Eklund, Calvin Klein, The Scott Brothers (all 3!), Jillian Harris, Jason Cameron, Hugh Hilton, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, and so many more! Everything I learn from these folks, I channel into my work for my clients. This translates into greater success in their real estate ventures!


The incomparable Coach John Wooden said it best, “Success is peace of mind, which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.”


I am proud to have collected numerous testimonials from clients over the years; a small collection of them can be found on our site here. I will reiterate our company motto “When your work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt.” (Henry J. Kaiser)



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If you're looking for a realtor, look no further. After 4+ long years of searching and interviewing realtors, we found Heather Stasiak. Selling our old home and buying a new home could not have been easier than it was with Heather. Whenever there was a question, Heather and her team ... made everything simple. Whenever there was stress (as first time sellers there inevitably was), Heather was there...even with a bottle of wine and a pizza one night. The personal attention that she gave us throughout the process can't be compared to anyone else. Her integrity is immeasurable; she always put our needs in front of the needs to make a bigger sale. She has become more than just a realtor, she's become our friend. When you need a realtor, trust Heather and Studio H!
If you want a realtor who legitimately cares and will listen to your needs, then Heather Stasiak and Studio H is the place to be! It wasn’t until year 2 of dating “hot cakes” that we decided to really put our heads together and find ourselves a forever home. With a ... then 5 year old in toe and hopes and dreams of expanding our family we set out in search of a realtor. We started off with an agent who over the course of 8 months failed us in every way and we began to give up on our fairy tale. After firing our last agent we were in search for someone who would work for us, listen to our needs, and have the attention to detail and organization of a skilled veteran (because if you don’t color code everything then who are you?). Heather Stasiak was recommended to us by friends who had bought their home from her as well. When I reached out for a referral she had not one negative thing to say about Heather, so I took a leap of faith and texted her, needless to say Heather blew us away with her wit, charm, knowledge, attention to detail (because she had colored folders just like me!), and her fine tune in dissecting all of our needs into what we wanted in a home. Heather stands behind every word she says and will always have your back and your best interest at heart. We looked at a few homes with Heather until she found us our forever home within 3 short months of working with her and all this time we thought our home wasn’t out there. Well, mostly me; sometimes Ethan and Heather would gang up on me & tell me to be patient…how dare they! Ha! Heather made our home buying process as stress free as possible. Any time and anywhere a question was had, Heather was available to us and had every answer. Heather coordinated every detail from home inspection, contract negotiations, first time home buying information, and mortgage assistance. Heather Stasiak is a one of a kind realtor, mother, friend, wife, business woman, entrepreneur and has now become part of our family. If there is any doubt in your mind that buying a house is a struggle then you have the wrong realtor. We highly recommend Heather and her team at Studio H to anyone looking to have their needs put first in buying a home!
Heather Stasiak was the perfect Realtor for us. She was, first and foremost, a seasoned professional that had great command of the real estate market. She is thorough, and responsive. Just as important (to us, at least), is her ability to put you at ease and keep in mind what ... a huge undertaking it is to sell and purchase a home. She is respectful of YOUR process, and understands her client's need to be supported and guided…not pressured or feel uncomfortable at any point in the process. She wants to get it right for you. She can….and she did it for us! I recommend Heather whole heartedly to represent you and work with you.
Heather Stasiak is a wonderful person inside and out and an amazing realtor! She was very patient and thorough with the sale of all of our properties. Heather’s personal attention, professionalism, and communication of what buyers expect are outstanding qualities that assisted in getting our homes sold quickly. Working with ... Heather has been a true pleasure!
Dear Heather, Three months, a mountain of paperwork, and more phone calls than one person should have to handle have passed us by, and here we are about to close on a truly wonderful property. Being people of faith, we believe in providence, and the perfection of our new home ... bears us out. By extension, you, as our buyer’s agent, have been a true Godsend. First time homebuyers have so much to contend with. If it’s not the mortgage crunch or the unending list of questions and concerns, it’s inspection anxieties. But the one aspect of it all that we never doubted for a moment was you. Never have we encountered such thorough, courteous and timely service. From the start, you have carried us through with sound counsel, making us feel always as though we were your sole client. Patiently and faithfully, you followed up on whatever questions I uncovered along the way, quick to assure me that our concerns were never a bother. In short, you were perfect, and we want to acknowledge your outstanding services in as tangible a way as we can. If ever you are in need of personal testimony, feel free to have your potential clients contact us. Without reservation, I recommend you to anyone interested in dealing with a forthright, charming, and diligent Realtor. Many thanks and warmest regards!