Greg & Cindy Colby


Greg & Cindy were both born and raised in Rochester NH, and though their lives took very different paths before reuniting in their forties, their love and respect for the Seacoast never wavered. The Seacoast has always been their home.


Greg learned the building trade from the ground up by working alongside his father, who is a contractor. He has worked in all facets of real estate over the past 25 years, including – but not  limited to – general contracting, home inspection, appraisal, and real estate agent.


Cindy grew up in a family of educators, and continues the family tradition as a teacher in the Seacoast area for over 15 years now. Together as a team, Greg & Cindy bring a comprehensive planning approach, creativity, dedication, and a commitment to helping buyers and sellers alike navigate the process of the real estate transaction. Greg & Cindy pledge to work with integrity and commitment to assist in what they both know is one of the most important events in one’s lifetime.

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