Heather Stasiak is the most innovative and creative Real Estate agent who has ever represented me. When we first met, I told her that one particular condominium complex was the only place where I had any desire to live. She then took it upon herself to contact every resident in ... the development, and explain to them that if they were in a position to sell, she had a willing and able buyer. Luckily, one of the residents responded, and the deal came together. Heather says it was meant to be, but I disagree; she made it happen. On more than one occasion, the Vice President of the Mortgage Division where I obtained my mortgage told me how lucky I was to have Heather Stasiak as my agent. She was willing to go much farther, on my behalf, than most agents would. Heather always returned phone calls promptly, was always friendly and personable, and was a true pleasure to work with. I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly!
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Brian Rogers
Heather Stasiak was amazing, and she continues to be! This was my first home buying experience and she made it painless. She is someone you can always rely on, and she is friendly and gets back to you when you have a question in a very timely manner.
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Susie Botelho
We had been seriously thinking about selling our condo & buying a house for about a year. Owning our own house had always been our dream. We didn’t really know where to begin, or how to find a Realtor we could trust to sell our condo. About two months ago ... we received a hand-addressed letter in the mail from Heather Stasiak. She had a client who was very interested in buying a condo in our development, but none were available; was anyone interested in selling? We jumped at the opportunity! Heather Stasiak was excellent in every regard. She guided us through each step of the process of selling our condo and buying a house. She has been responsive, professional, and has consistently given us good advice. In fact, everyone we have come in contact with throughout this process has told us how lucky we are to have her as our Realtor. Now, we are just hours away from closing on our dream home. We are amazed at how smoothly things have gone! We highly recommend Heather Stasiak! Thank you Heather! We greatly appreciate all your hard work!
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Rob & Jen
Heather (Carrigg) Stasiak, I really appreciated working with you whom I consider a professional agent who has a great understanding of the loan process. It really helps us on our end to have an agent with an active understanding and interest in what we do. Thanks again!
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Steve Crowell – Senior Loan Officer
We were absolutely impressed with Heather Stasiak and her team! Heather provided an amazing amount of research, information and support to both us as the sellers and to potential buyers. She was extremely thorough and knowledgeable. She constantly made herself available and is very very pleasant to work with! She ... made what could have been a tough transition smooth and comfortable. I am very grateful!
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Chris and Doreen Rogan
Casey listened to our needs, kept us informed on the status of items along the way, and worked as our advocate.
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Tracy Durocher
I would highly recommend Heather Stasiak and her team. Heather was VERY proactive when it came to the sale of our home. We spoke with Heather almost every day. She gave informative and helpful ideas on what to do to get the house sold. Heather did thorough research on homes ... in the area and gave realistic advice on what needed to be done. Highly highly recommend!
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Jon M.
On a whim, we went to an open house several months ago to look at a property – even though we were not quite ready to buy. Heather Stasiak greeted us with such warmth and professionalism that I made it a point to keep her card for when we were ... ready. Several months later I contacted her with a wish list of what we were looking for and in just a couple of days later she had scheduled 6 properties for us to view. The very next week we made an offer on the perfect property for us and thanks to her keen negotiating skills, an offer was accepted! Having bought and sold many properties over the years, we have never had a more pleasant (and fun!) experience with a real estate agent! Heather’s consummate professionalism and honest (and sweet) nature make her a total joy to work with… she’s become a valued friend. We highly recommend Heather Stasiak and her team if you plan on buying or selling real estate in the Seacoast NH area!
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Shirley and Tony Freeman
As a professional Home Inspector, I work with hundreds of Realtors day after day. So I see the good, the bad, and the ugly. And I don’t mean looks! Every profession has people with a range of ethics, workmanship and style. Some impress me, some do not. I get to ... see Heather Stasiak at her craft, as a bystander, while I am inspecting. She doesn’t know I’m paying attention to her as she talks to her clients (well, until now). I have always been impressed with how she treats them. There is an honesty in what she says that I rarely see in Realtors. Usually you can tell it’s a line or spin to just get to closing. But Heather actually talks to “you”, as someone she really needs to take care of. If it wasn’t for the many times I see her at work during inspections, I think I would buy houses just to admire her style with people. If you want to work with a person, not a salesperson, you should be contacting Heather Stasiak for your real estate needs.
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Peter Drougas – Home Inspector

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